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awarded for high design quality in the red dot award: product design 2013!
manufactured primarily from aluminium with delicate, customizable stainless steel accents. offers a high level of elegance and clarity thanks to its high-quality workmanship and purist design. for living areas, cabinetry, office and presentation spaces.

il.10 is designed with a highly developed cushioning mechanism even for heavy door weights up to 200 kg, providing extra convenience and safety. the door can be stopped gently in its movement and pulled to its end position nearly soundlessly.

october 2010: astec has won the "design award of the federal republic of germany 2011" for b.1000

the design award of the federal republic of germany is the country‘s highest distinction in the field of design. it is known as the »prize of prizes«. the reason: no other design award sets such strict criteria on entries. thus, a company can only enter the competition for the design award if its product has already been awarded a national or international design prize. another precondition for entry is that companies must have been nominated by the ministries and senators of the federal states or by the federal ministry of economics and technology.

we are very delighted about this special award for our fitting astec b.1000.