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“astec slimlock” with lock case and counter case out of solid stainless steel. slim construction, elegant, clear-cut design. that is the new stainless steel door lock from astec. taking up the vertical line of the door, the slimlock appears strikingly slender and accentuates sophisticated elegance. the slimlock is fitted directly in a recess in the glass door. using an ingenious, patented clamp fitting, the two half shells of the lock case and the counter case are braced against each other on the glass surface.

no retaining screws are required to fix them. clamping is carried out from the locking plate side. screws are not visible. astec slimlocks are available in lengths 600 mm, 450 mm and 300 mm. door handles in two types of design ex works. other fittings basically possible.

please consult astec about the necessary technical adjustments.

slimlock door handles

two technically different types of serially produced stainless steel door handles are available from stock. other door handles can be adapted to the slimlock system. please consult astec about technical adjustments.