system s.200

where the application of architecture is often neglected: in sanitary and changing room areas. in addition to the hygienic advantages, it is the effects that make superior glass even more exceptional: LEDs integrated in the LSG glass allow unexpected light concepts. screen printed glass, coloured or printed foils extend the diverse range of designs. whether RAL colours or your patterns, photos, logos, lettering, etc. – every idea achieves different visual effects.

matt, brushed stainless steel and high quality LSG safety glass: these are the two main materials on which the world of system 200 is based.

the uncompromisingly clear-cut basic concept enables aesthetic solutions and unambiguous, creative solutions.

wall and door elements


LSG safety glass consisting of two tempered safety glass panels. the intermediate layer out of polyvinyl foil can be opaque, translucent or coloured. both sides of the elements have the same optical appearance, both sides have a hygienic, smooth glass surface. in the case of mechanical overloading due to impact, the glass does break but the pieces adhere to the undamaged polyvinyl foil. the cubicles can still be used temporarily, users are not subjected to injury.

design alternatives

design alternatives: practically all RAL colours are possible. furthermore, translucent foils (ice blue, smoky brown, stone grey), photo motifs, logos, lettering, patterns, etc.

fittings & dimensions

fittings: stainless steel V2A (4301), finely ground and brushed surface, shape 201 (half-round), shape 202 (square). consistent use is made of just one type of fitting on the glass! no drilling of the glass, use of special clamping technology. environmentally friendly due to unalloyed materials, fully recyclable. suitable for dry and wet areas, also available in V4A when subjected to extreme corrosion.

standard cubicle height 2150 mm*. floor clearance 30 mm, height adjustment +/- 5 mm, door width = cubicle width*.

door front: dividing wall protrudes beyond the door front, many special forms possible.

* cubicle sizes according to your individual requirements and space available.

special cubicals

special cubicles:
suitable for the disabled, oversized cubicles, vestibule solutions, lateral cubicles and beneath sloping walls.*

joints: in the door front 3-5 mm, dividing wall to structure 13 mm.

* cubicle sizes according to your individual requirements and space available.

the following projects have been realized using system 200:
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coat hooks, roll holders, stainless steel brush set.
urinal dividing walls, standard size 400 x 1000 mm*, each mounted using two dividing wall fasteners.

* cubicle sizes according to your individual requirements and space available.

planning and installation

innovative solutions, long-lasting design and uncompromising quality are part of our philosophy. not least, it is the many special solutions and tasks that bring us close to the customer. with a good proportion of empathy, we develop and plan your ideas into individual and practical room solutions. astec offers all-round service: with every quotation you receive complete planning documents for your individual job and for your construction documentation. also in visualized form for the presentation of your proposal to your end customer. conscientiously prepared by your astec construction engineer.


astec system 200