fitting b.1000

modern interior design increasingly demands the flexible use of space. the roller fitting astec b.1000 not only offers new freedom in design, but also opens up completely new perspectives in terms of room planning, division and utilization of space. as b.1000 is invisible at first glance, rooms take on exceptional clarity and simplicity. glass panels without frames, glass panels without fittings silently glide across the room with no apparent effort.

astec b.1000 functions “underfloor”: customized to your specifications, narrow, shallow roller guide tracks integrated in the floor bear weights of up to 300 kg per metre. it takes a second, closer look to recognize the approximately 25 mm wide and 6 mm deep roller guide track.

  the small rollers over which the glass panels glide are barely visible. they are protected and cushioned by a U-profile edge guard that is firmly fixed to the glass. flush-fitted U-profile tracks in the ceiling hold and guide the panel. the weight is taken by the floor. complex support installations in the ceiling are not required. astec b.1000 for 10 mm and 12 mm glass panels.

all parts out of extruded aluminium sheath. precision needle roller bearings.

the following projects have been realized using fitting astec b.1000:
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