fitting b.800

the sliding door fitting astec b.800 extends the range of application of “stainless steel on show” door fittings in living and property areas. it was granted the international red dot design award 2008 and is nominated for the design award 2009 of the federal republic of germany.

without departing from the classic, unpretentious elementary form, the refinement in the slender supporting hanger and in the structural supporting elements, makes the new b.800 appear transparent and lightweight.

screw connections are no longer visible. edges and surfaces of the separate elements enhance the play of light and underline the superior workmanship of the material.

astec b.800, visible stainless steel fitting for sliding doors. single, double and multi-leaf. one, two or more tracks. for door leaves out of glass, wood, mineral materials, etc. up to 110 kg in weight. with retaining brackets for all-glass installations or with brackets (permitting 3d adjustment) for direct wall installation.

fitting astec b.800 is particularly suitable for door solutions up to approximately 1200 x 2500 mm (width x height). supporting rods over 3000 mm long are joined out of suitably transportable rod lengths by means of an inner coupling. special brackets for ceiling installation as well as for multi-track installations are available.

all parts out of stainless steel 1.4305 or 1.4301 (supporting rod). including all necessary connecting and retaining parts. manufactured on high precision cnc-machining-centres. all visible surfaces ground and finely brushed, matt.

the following projects have been realized using astec b.800:
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